Binding Option-Left and Option-Right in iTerm and Terminal

11 Mar 2009

I finally got around to solving one of the consistency issues I encounter on OSX as I switch between Cocoa and the terminal. I really enjoy Option-Left and Option-Right as skip back one word and skip forward a word. Drop the following in your ZSH config to get things done.

# To see the key combo you want to use just do:
# cat > /dev/null
# And press it

bindkey '^K' kill-whole-line                      # ctrl-k
bindkey "^R" history-incremental-search-backward  # ctrl-r
bindkey "^A" beginning-of-line                    # ctrl-a  
bindkey "^E" end-of-line                          # ctrl-e
bindkey "[B": history-search-forward              # down arrow
bindkey "[A": history-search-backward             # up arrow
bindkey '^[[D' backward-word                      # option left
bindkey '^[[C' forward-word                       # option right

I've included the quick instructions on finding out what a key combo is in the terminal so you can bind any old thing. You can see what is currently bound by using bindkey -L.

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